Collection: e-Types X Reevein Studios - Limited Edition

Forever, forever, forever, ever, forever, ever? Nothing is forever, but some things in life could last a little longer... Take fresh-cut flowers... That's how we kick off our concept introduction to our new 'YOURS FOREVER" e-Types X Reevein collection. 

The YOURS FOREVER collection features two Atrium Signature flowers, each in a single-color version with Pantone colors carefully chosen by the globally renowned design agency e-Types, based in Copenhagen, known for their work with some of the most iconic Scandinavian design brands.

The all-grey and all-pink Pantone e-Types flowers are a limited edition collection, with only 100 pieces of each color available.

These flowers are 100% handcrafted, the flower head materials are GRS-certified non-woven recycled polyester as the main material. In addition to this, we utilize tapioca flour, paint, glue, plastic wires, metal wires, lacquer, latex, and paper in the production process.


Flower: 12 x 12 cm. 

Height: 45 cm.

Weight: 200 gr. 


GRS-certificated recycled polyester, a mix of glue and tapioca flour, lacquer, latex, paint, glue, plastic tubes, paper, and metal wires. 

The flowers are 100% handmade, so there are small differences in all variations.


Thanks to their real-touch coating, the vibrant colors remain stunning for many years and are easy to maintain. Use a gentle brush or a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

e-Types X Reevein Studios - Limited Edition