We are happy to announce that Reevein Studios is not only featured as a main object with our Glass Spora Collection in the newest coming issue of the American 'Interior Design Magazine' but also as the entire cover of the new magazine. 

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Discover the Spora Glass Collection from Reevein Studios - where art meets craftsmanship.

The Spora Glass collection, crafted in Europe, is a unique collection of mouth blown bohemian botanical glass objects.

The design is inspired by the organic shapes of forrest conk mushrooms and the smooth shape of rose petals.

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Reevein Studios is a Danish high-end design company dedicated to crafting collectible floral and botanical objects that last a lifetime. Originating as a brand specializing in sculptures and installations for exhibitions, inspired by the profound link between humans and nature, Reevein Studios has today evolved into much more. Shaped by feedback from our audience, we now specialize in creating exquisite collectible faux flowers and botanical design objects to decorate your home.



The Red Atrium, our signature flower, is on the cover of the ELLE THAILAND & ELLE MEN.

In fine company with Cartier showpiece jewelry.

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The Orchid Accessory & Choker Collection is a collection of unique handcrafted faux floral designs to wear as a fashion statement piece.  

The collections is made for all genders, & ages.

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The Anna-thurium is an absolute favorite for wedding bouquets and gifts in general.

The 'Pearl Anna-thurium' is based on the classical Anthurium but inspired by the master of light painter Anna Ancher. The bloom is, therefore, covered in shiny white-silver pearl colors with a soft touch of glitter that reflects the light.

The spadix is pearly turquoise or pearly peach inspired by the inside colors of seashells and mussels. The stems are bendable, making them easy to arrange in bigger bouquets or beautiful as a stand-alone piece.

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Exciting News: New Arrivals - 5 Stunning Tulip Bell Color Combinations!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest collection of Tulip Bells, featuring five new color combinations that perfectly complement each other.


"This charming little art flower shop has the most incredible hand crafted products that are simply perfect for your home decoration or as host gifts. If you want to give a gift that will truly impress and be remembered for years to come, then you absolutely must visit Reevein Studios.

A hidden gem in Copenhagen"

- Rasmus F.


The difference between our Reevein design flowers and normal Faux flowers

Faux Flowers from Reevein Studios:

  • High-End Handcrafted Design: Reevein Studios specializes in high-end handcrafted design, ensuring that each faux flower (or bject) is a unique piece of art inspired by nature's beauty.

  • Extended Lifespan: The flowers from Reevein Studios are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality, resulting in products that can last for a significantly longer time than most regular faux flowers.

  • Real Touch: The faux flowers flowers from Reevein Studios are ALL created with the real touch teqhnique ensuring a very long lifetime. Your flowers will last for years. Not days.

  • Material nerds: Reevein Studios prioritizes the use of recycled materials in our production. BUT we also use glue, wires etc. to ensure the best possible quality. And we also ship our products worldwide. So we advise you not to call us sustainable, we think there is a very long way still. But we promise you that as we grow, and as we get more opportunities and knowledge we always do our best to improve, in any way we can. And we hope to be the alternative to your weekly fresh-cut flowers.

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each flower is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans and flower experts, emphasizing quality over mass production. This is not only for our floral collection but also for our botanic objects.

  • Timeless Beauty: Reevein Studios focuses on creating faux flowers with timeless attractiveness, ensuring that their pieces maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come. Our approach is that florals and objects from Reevein Studios never copies real nature. Reevein Studios is a piece of design some might even call it art.

In summary, faux flowers from Reevein Studios offer a combination of artistic design, longevity, focus on recycled materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, setting them apart from more generic options available in the market.

The materials

Depending on the specific product. Please reach out to us for more details if needed.

How to style a bouquet

Choose the Right Vase: Select a vase that complements the
style and color palette of your Reevein Flowers. Consider the size and shape of
the vase to ensure it enhances the overall aesthetic. Tip: You can bend the
flowers, don’t be afraid to play around with the stems.

Mix and Match Varieties:
Reevein Flowers often come in a variety of species and styles. Experiment with
mixing different flowers to create a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement. Combine bold statement pieces with delicate blooms for balance.

You don’t need a full bouqet to make an impact. Even one flower can be styled as
a statement installation.

Consider Color Harmony:
Pay attention to the color harmony between the flowers and your surrounding
décor. Whether you're aiming for a monochromatic look or a vibrant burst of color, Reevein Flowers offer a wide range of hues to suit your style.

Play with Height and Proportion: Create visual interest by varying the height and proportion of your
flower arrangement. Taller flowers can add elegance, while shorter ones
contribute to a fuller and more balanced look.

Tip: Remember that you can bend all flowers to create the length you want. You can also cut the stems using regular garden scissors.

Add Greenery for Realism: Integrate local greenery or flowers to enhance the natural appearance of your Reevein Flowers. This adds a touch of realism and depth to
your arrangement.

Tip: Don’t put the Reevein Flowers into water unless you
are sure that the bottom of the stem will be ruined. However many just put some protection around the bottom of the stems.

Experiment with Arrangement Styles: Try different arrangement styles to find what suits your space best.
Whether it's a traditional bouquet, a cascading arrangement, or a minimalist display, Reevein Flowers can adapt to various styles because of their agile flower heads, leaves and stems.

Consider the Setting:
Tailor your arrangement to the setting. A more formal space might benefit from a classic and symmetrical arrangement, while a casual setting may allow for a more cool and asymmetrical design.

Remember, styling your Reevein Flowers is a creative process, and there are no strict rules.

Let your personal taste guide you as you explore the endless possibilities of showcasing the everlasting beauty of these exquisite floral creations. We are here to help you with the styling anytime.

Write us at if you need any assistance or inspiration.

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How to clean my flowers

  • Handle with Care: Treat the object with care, but don't hesitate to adjust the stems or gently reposition the flower heads to achieve the desired look.

  • Protect from Direct Sunlight: Be mindful of placing the object in direct sunlight, as this can affect the colors over time. To preserve the colors, consider a location with indirect or diffused light.

  • No Water for Stems: Avoid putting the stems in water.

  • Cleaning: To clean the object, use a soft cloth and gently wipe the surfaces. Alternatively, you can remove dust with a brush, being careful not to damage the delicate components.

The delivery

  • DK: We offer a flat shipping fee of 20 dkk within Denmark. For all orders 500 dkk. the shipping is always free. DK orders will arrive in 1-4 working days

  • EU: We offer a flat shipping fee of 50 dkk (6 EUR) for international orders within the EU. The orders will arrive within 2-4 working days.

  • International: Orders outside the EU will depend on location but often arrive within a week.

  • Free shipping: All international orders have free shipping when ordering for more than 1000 dkk. (134 EUR)

  • Tracking: You will receive the confirmation and tracking link via a personal email.

Obs! For our Copenhagen orders, we strongly advise you to choose the local whenever possible. When you choose this option we will personally reach out to you and coordinate a day to pick up.

How to return

Reach out to us at:

You can read more about the return policy at the bottom of the website. But honestly, we just want happy customers, so reach out to us anytime.

How will the flowers be wrapped?

Flowers: All flowers will be wrapped as a beautiful and elegant bouquet and shipped in a either recycled box or a FSC certificated cardboard box.

  • You will also get one of our art prints as a postcard to write any personal message on.

  • Lastly you will also receive our guide on how to take care of your flowers. The guideline is made in recycled paper with plant seeds. This means you can plant new fresh wildflowers just by placing the paper in the soil.

Sculptures: Depending on which sculpture we wrap our sculptures in reused papers and bubleplast. We try to limit the packaging but at the same time, we also want to sculpture to arrive without any damage.

How to recycle

We advise you to research information on your local city guidelines on how to recycle your specific product. If you need our assistance feel free to contact us.

Obs! We also offer a gift card to our website for 100 dkk. for any returned flowers to our office.

Reach out to if you want us to buy your product back.

When will new designs be launched?

We do not follow a seasonal schedule and we never overproduce any products. To ensure that you will be updated on new designs, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page or follow our instagram account.