Collection: The Orchid Accessory Collection

The Orchid Accessory & Choker Collection is a collection of unique handcrafted faux floral designs to wear as a fashion statement piece.  

  • 100% handmade.
  • The leather strings are 1.5 meters 
  • Coated with a real-touch coating that besides ensuring an amazing lifelike touch and appearance also ensures longevity.
  • The real-touch coating makes the color last longer than non-coated fabrics and can be brushed and washed carefully with a cloth.
  • Be aware that small variations in the final design might vary a bit as everything is handmade. Such as the colors might be slightly darker or lighter. 


The main material is recycled is GRS-certified textile: polyester. Other materials used: lacquer, tapioca flour, latex, paint, glue, leather string, and metal wires. 

The Orchid Accessory Collection