Collection: The Dawn Leaves

About the design:

The Dawn Paradise Leaf is based on the exotic Bird of Paradise leaf and inspired by the magical dawn sky. At dawn before sunrise, the sky often looks like it is on fire, and the most spectacular colors of pink, white, and violet make the scenic sky landscapes almost seem unreal. This motive has been a favorite for artists for centuries, and we understand why.

The Dawn sky has been a big inspiration for us, and we therefore wanted to capture the colors of the sky in this version of a Bird of Paradise leaf. 

The Dawn Leaf is both a floral stem and a sculpture, depending on the styling. Beautiful as a stand-alone piece but also works well in a bouquet, adding some edge. The stem is thick, tall, and straight, and the leaf is enlarged, making the design surrealistic and sophisticated.

The soft colors are inspired by the old Danish Skagen painters who lived from the 1870s until the turn of the century. Skagen was a summer destination whose scenic nature attracted northern artists to paint in the open landscapes, emulating the French Impressionists.  


Length: 80 cm. 

Width: 15 cm.

Weight: 300 gr.



GRS-certificated recycled polyester, lacquer, latex, paint, glue, plastic sheets, paper, and metal wires. 

The flowers are 100% handmade, so there are small differences in all variations.


    Thanks to their real-touch coating, the vibrant colors remain stunning over the years and are easy to maintain. Use a gentle brush or a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

    The Dawn Leaves