Reevein Studios is a Danish high-end design company dedicated to crafting collectible floral and botanical objects that last a lifetime.

Originating as a brand specializing in sculptures and installations for exhibitions, inspired by the profound link between humans and nature, Reevein Studios has today evolved into much more. Shaped by feedback from our audience, we now specialize in creating exquisite collectible faux flowers and botanical design objects to bring curiosity, joy, and personality into your home.

Reevein Studios has become a go-to destination for those looking for unique and modern faux floral designs or botanical installations. From home décor to special events, their designs can be found in homes and businesses around the world.

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Proudly Faux

Sara Rosa Oppermann
& Alice Soro Cillara


Please reach out to us at if you want to schedule a visit in our Copenhagen showroom and boutique in the very heart of Copenhagen, Nikolaj Plads 32.

You are also always welcome to drop by unannounced but we cannot guarantee that we are open daily.

Opening hours in June:

The shop is closed week 25 + 26

Online orders will be shipped Monday 24th and Monday 1st of July.


The fleeting nature of fresh-cut flowers is well-known, with the average lifespan lasting only 12 days.

At Reevein Studios, we are devoted to creating faux flowers that last longer and that you would proudly showcase in your home. We envision faux flowers as a deliberate choice, not attempting to mimic nature but rather standing as a unique artistic expression.

With unparalleled attention to detail, our designs draw inspiration from nature's delicate and enchanting beauty while embodying an everlasting mindset through the use of top qualities and coating techniques, ensuring longevity.

Our exclusive pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans and floral connoisseurs, resulting in graphical and surrealistic floral designs that endure for many years.

The Reevein Studios Slow Flowers offer an artistic alternative to both fresh-cut flowers and regular faux flowers, providing a lasting and captivating presence in any space.


Our botanical works are our most abstract product series, which vary and are never dependent on seasons. Often, our works are further developed based on previously curated works and/or exhibitions, where we have brought along the initial prototypes and ideas. Based on feedback from these, we develop our sculpture series based on botanics.


Reevein Studios started as an artist duo working on commissioned works and exhibitions. Our two founders still do this, as it is an important vein for everything created in the company of new designs. If you wish to collaborate with our founders on an exhibition or a custom-made piece, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:


    Crafting products that are 100% sustainable is a challenging feat, and we, therefore, refrain from making any claims of sustainability. While we of course have noticed that we are recognized and appreciated for our choices by the press, and customers, we hesitate to label ourselves as a sustainable brand.

    At Reevein Studios, we identify primarily as a design brand, striving to make thoughtful choices along the way.

    We embrace the philosophy that sustainability is an ongoing forever journey. When introducing something new into the world, we believe it is essential to consider the materials, the production process, but also the quality and longevity of the product.


    As a small but committed team, we prioritize transparency, though obtaining certificates, getting the right information with limited resources is honestly very difficult. However, we consistently opt for the less straightforward path, maintaining a handmade production approach and prioritizing the use of leftover and recycled materials whenever feasible.

    We are a global brand and our production is currently based in Denmark (HQ), Thailand, Czech Republic, and Spain, we encourage inquiries about specific product information, acknowledging that material choices can vary across our diverse product range


    Beyond our dedication to transparency, we actively seek continuous improvement in environmental practices. This includes educating ourselves and our partners on the best methods, materials, and possibilities, and recognizing that what may have been optimal yesterday could evolve tomorrow.

    Our commitment lies in continuously striving for more sustainable practices and making thoughtful choices throughout every stage of our product development.