Collection: The Atrium Stems

This collection is a tribute to and reinterpretation of the very popular Anthrium flower. The flower is known for symbolizing hospitality. In many societies it’s also a symbol of long-lasting love and friendship. We find this flower extremely elegant, sexy and special because it represents both female and male gender.

Our interpretation is called Atrium. This is the first collectable stem in our Geometric Series.

  • The flower comes in two color combinations and sizes. Each stem works as an art piece in itself, but can be combined and mixed as a bouquet.
  • The stem is cuttable, using regular garden scissors, if you want a shorter length. 
  • 100% handmade, so there is differences in all variations.
  • The main material is textiles from reused plastic bottles and tapioca flour. Plus, lacquer, paint, glue, paper, and metal wires.