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Hanging Seaweed Plant

Hanging Seaweed Plant

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OBS: We have a prototype on this specific plant, for a reduced price (685 kr) Reach out to us if you are interested. 

To see an abstract and magic world of flowers, we simply just have to look at the marvelous sea. With inspiration from the deep sea's plant kingdom and more specifically the Faroese seaweed forests, we had a desire to create a feminine and raw hanging plant.

This piece is inspired by the "Red Algae" which only grow in tidal zones and reach as deep down as light can reach. The red algae have been found in the Faroe Islands down to 40 meters below sea level.

Dimensions: 90 cm. long.

Main materials: Recycling silk, liquid latex, metal wire, terracotta vase, glue, plaster of paris, spray paint, baby powder. 100% handmade.

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