Collection: The Dotrium Capsule Collection - Limited Edition

Introducing the Dotrium Capsule Collection!

The highly-anticipated Dotrium is a limited-edition marvel from our coveted Atrium Collection. The dotted patterns and color selection are inspired by the dotted and colorful leaves of the rare Nordic Orchid (Orchis Latifolius & Orchis Maculatus).

This exclusive floral creation is more of a sculptural botanical object than a flower. It is meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans. Every single piece from the Dotrium collection radiates timeless beauty and effortless grace and showcases captivating polka dots, setting it apart from anything you have seen before. With its unique style, it will elevate any space with elegance and beauty.

Embrace the essence of true exclusivity with only 350 pieces per color shade. Each piece is numbered so you will own a true collector's item. It is like owning a piece of art, that is made especially for you. 

  • The flower comes in multiple color combinations, and it is a Reevein signature flower.

  • Each stem works as an art piece, but it can also be combined and mixed as a bouquet.

  • The stem is cuttable, use regular garden scissors, if you want a shorter length.


      Flower: 12 x 12 cm. 

      Height: 45 cm.

      Weight: 200 gr. 


      GRS-certificated recycled polyester, a mix of glue and tapioca flour, lacquer, latex, paint, glue, plastic tubes, paper, and metal wires. 

      The flowers are 100% handmade, so there are small differences in all variations.


      Thanks to their real-touch coating, the vibrant colors remain stunning for many years and are easy to maintain. Use a gentle brush or a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

      The Dotrium Capsule Collection - Limited Edition