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Glass Spora - Rose Quartz

Glass Spora - Rose Quartz

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The Spora Glass collection, crafted in Europe, is a unique collection of mouth-blown bohemian botanical glass objects.

The design is inspired by the organic shapes of forest conk mushrooms and the smooth shape of rose petals. The Spora Collection invites you to celebrate the rarer botanical wonders, such as conk mushrooms, often overlooked in our surroundings. Upon closer inspection, these botanical marvels reveal their mysterious, magical, and wonderful qualities.

Every item in the collection is an individual masterpiece, skillfully crafted through the art of mouth-blown and handcrafted glass. Our meticulous production process, involving multiple steps, guarantees the highest quality by embracing traditional glassblowing techniques.

Materials and production: 

We prioritize using recycled glass fragments, harmoniously combined with fine sand. This blend enhances the aesthetic appeal and contributes to maintaining lower temperatures during the melting process. We are committed to ensuring a conscientious approach to craftsmanship, where each piece becomes a distinctive work of art. Our production is based in Europe. 

The Spora Sculptures are beautiful hanging from a shelve. 


The Small Spora Sculptures (as in the photo) :  Approx. 15 - 20 cm long and 10 - 14 cm. wide. 

The MEDIUM Spora Sculptures (larger than in the photo): Approx. 20 - 25 cm long and 15 cm. wide. 

The LARGE Spora Sculptures (larger than in the photo):  Approx. 26 - 30 cm long and 22 - 26 cm. wide. 

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